Memory of Mirza Gökgöl

The conference is dedicated to the memory of Mirza Gökgöl, a prolific agronomist and a pioneer of genetic resources in Anatolia. Gökgöl studied at the Novo-Aleksandriysk Institute of Agriculture, Kharkov, Ukraine (1916–1917) and the Portici Agricultural High School in Naples, Italy (in 1920) . He studied at the Higher Agricultural School in Berlin under Erwin Baur (from 1920) and was awarded the Ph.D. on 1930 (signed by Prof. Aereboe). In 1926, he founded the Yeşilköy (Istanbul) Research and Experimenting Institute. During 1929–1955, Gökgöl collected and intensively studied ca. 20,000 landrace accessions of various cultivated wheat species from all over Turkey. Among the collected material he identified 256 new wheat varieties. After heavy work for decades, Gökgöl concluded that the Anatolia and the adjacent regions formed the center of origin and diversity of for diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid wheats.