In this section, production, economy, improvement and quality control of
seed such legumes and cereals will be discussed.

In this section, history of agriculture in Anatolia will be discussed based
on archaeobotanical materials from archaeological excavations.

In this section, origin, evolution and diffusion of plant population will be discussed
based on DNA and ancient DNA studies.

In this section, researchers and scientists who are conducting
studies in plant genetic resources in Anatolia will be invited to talk about their data.

In this section, ethnobotanical research on traditional agricultural activities
and traditional uses of plants in Anatolia will be discussed. This section will also include works related
to local tastes and flavours in Anatolia.

This section is devoted to knowledge gained from archaeological
excavations in Turkey to outline the agricultural production and consumption from the Prehistoric
Period into the Middle Ages. Archaeological studies may include ceramic studies, analysis of storage
strategies and related archaeometric analyses that provide clues about past culinary practices.